Men in VA industry

This was not the topic I had originally planned for my first post, but because of several discussions around this area, I chose to write about this.

The VA industry is generally thought of as a female-dominated industry,the numbers bear it out, but the number of males joining the ranks are growing, mainly because of the economic climate and the 2008 recession when most of the male -dominated industries dried up, therefore a lot of men had to make a choice between collecting Unemployment Insurance or breaking into fields that they normally wouldn’t pursue such as this one.  ( going into business for themselves was the other option).

The reasons for entering the industry could be the same as for women( parenting being the main one), but they could also be different ( for example, not wanting to collect UI). In my case, it was prolonged unemployment. ( I will tell you my story in the next post).

The services could  be the same ones that you think of, or they could be different.   ( To see what I can offer you, visit my Services page), so as long as the work can get done, there should be no difference.

Men could feel discriminated by clients , as this industry is still seen as a new one for men, but this is irrelevant (not to mention ,that it could also be illegal). As long as we can perform the work satisfactorily, there should be no problems.

The VA industry is always growing and males are a big part of